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Motors and motor - texmo submersible pump dealers in bangalore

Texmo Submersible pumps in bangalore, Karnataka. A submersible pump, also called an electric submersible pump, is a pump that can be fully submerged in water. The motor is hermetically sealed and close-coupled to the body of the pump. A submersible pump pushes water to the surface by converting rotary energy into kinetic energy into pressure energy. This is done by the water being pulled into the  Read-More

Motors and motor - texmo submersible pump dealers in bangalore

Texmo Submersible pumps dealers in bangalore, Karnataka. Since 2005, M/S MOTORS & MOTOR has dealing with the most innovative and highest quality pumps and electric motors for a range of applications in agricultural, domestic and industrial sectors. Our customers have found our products to be the most reliable and robust in the market. Add to this we are the only manufacturers to offer a 2-year wor  Read-More

Motors and motor - texmo submersible pump dealers in bangalore

chaff cutter in bangalore . VIDHATA CHAFF CUTTER MODEL 30 EVO .100 % safety cover's, no chance of accidents. SPECIFICATIONS Productivity - 1500 to 5000 kg/h Number of blades 3 Cut sizes 4 and 8 mm , also 11mm on request Required electric motor power 3 TO 5 hp single phase or 3 phase Versions Electric motor OPTIONAL Diesel engine 3 TO 5 H.P OPTIONAL . Used for chop grass, sunflower, sugar cane, mai  Read-More

Motors and motor - texmo submersible pump dealers in bangalore

Chara Cutter in Bangalore . Motors & Motor is a leading supplier , trader , distributor of of all type of Vidhata Chaff Cutter & Chara Cutter in Bangalore , Karnataka. TECHNICAL DETAILS Chaff Chopper Machine ( SIZE 2 TO 50 M) Dalia making machine Pulveriser Machine. Suger cane crusher as animal feed SPECIFICATIONS Maize grain Productivity* Sieve size 0,8 mm 150 to 200 kg/h Sieve size 3 mm 750 to 9  Read-More

Motors & Motor

DC Generators / DC Alternator

The conventional method to have auxiliary DC Supply for battery charging & other DC Loads is to use a diesel generating set of constant speed & a rectifier unit.Integrated Electric developed a variable speed DC Alternator for coupling with Diesel engine as a source of DC auxiliary power. The principle of working is as under. The basic generator will be just like any brushless AC Generator consisting of main stator, Main rotor, Exciter stator & Exciter rotor. The generator is of three phase, variable speed, variable kW output

For. Example the DC Alternator is capable of delivering :

2 kW at 750 RPM

4 kW at 1500 RPM

8 kW at 3000 RPM


1. The DC Alternator delivers constant DC Voltage at the terminals up to its rated load battery current or total full load & subsequently the voltage drops depending upon load & hence protect the Engine, Alternator & the load.

2. User settable DC Output voltage, DC Battery current & DC Overall current

3. The control panel gives signal to electronic governor of the engine to operate at sub-synchronous (settable) and super synchronous speeds (settable) to get optimum fuel consumption & hence increase efficiency of the system & further increases the life of the engine

4. Ripple will be less than 100 mV with battery & less than 300 mV with out battery


I. The rotor of the revolving field generates a rotating flux which induces the following emf’s in the stator. The alternator builds up voltage with the help of residual magnetism & mainly from the permanent magnets housed in the exciter stator.

  • 3 Ph. AC from the main armature windings.
  • 2 Ph. AC from the auxiliary winding.

  • II. The 3 Ph.AC from the main stator is fed to the Diode bridge.

    III. The automatic Digital voltage regulator (AVR) receives the following signals.

  • DC Output voltage.
  • 2 phase AC from the auxiliary winding.
  • Speed feedback for frequency roll offDC Battery Current feedback.
  • DC Total current feedback