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Motors and motor - texmo submersible pump dealers in bangalore

Domestic pressure boosting system in bangalore | “AQUATEX” Domestic Pressure Booster System delivers water with uniform and constant pressure pumps in all Outlets – showers, taps, etc both on the ground floor as well as the top floor of the buildings. The pressure switch monitors the pressure in the system and it will switch the pump set ON and OFF automatically based on demand. The system i  Read-More

Motors and motor - texmo submersible pump dealers in bangalore

Construction dewatering pumpsets bangalore | “AQUATEX” CRDS pumps have the unique characteristic of draining water down to the very bottom. Ideal for cleaning underground sumps, overhead tanks, and draining curing water from concrete floors at construction sites with minimal effort. “AQUATEX” CDT high-performance construction dewatering pumps can take on the toughest construction sites by  Read-More

Motors and motor - texmo submersible pump dealers in bangalore

Dewatering pump set bangalore | Driven by dry-type submersible motors, “AQUATEX” dewatering pumps are virtual workhorses that can take on the toughest chores. Ideal for draining flooded basements and stormwater drains as well as other high discharge applications.  Read-More

Motors and motor - texmo submersible pump dealers in bangalore

Submersible sewage pump in bangalore | “AQUATEX” submersible sewage pumps for industrial wastewater transfer and also for sewage disposal. Driven by dry-type submersible induction motors, “AQUATEX” submersible sewage pumps are manufactured to take on the toughest applications with ease.  Read-More

Motors and motor - texmo submersible pump dealers in bangalore

DC generators & DC alternator | A diesel generating set with a constant speed and a rectifier unit is a traditional approach for having a supplemental DC supply for battery charging and other DC loads. As a source of DC auxiliary power, Integrated Electric developed a variable speed DC Alternator for use with diesel engines. The working premise is as follows: The basic generator will consist of th  Read-More

Motors and motor - texmo submersible pump dealers in bangalore

Tractor operated AC alternators in bangalore | Irrigation submersible pumps are driven by a belt pulley drive tractor PTO shaft operated generator. In the rotational field, the VIDHATA series of Tractor Operated Generators is available. In semi-brushless and compounding systems, these Tractor Operated Generators are self-excited and self-regulated. Our competent technocrats supervise the use of re  Read-More

Motors and motor - texmo submersible pump dealers in bangalore

Chaff cutters in bangalore | Vidhata Precision Forage is a company that specializes in precision foraging. Choppers/chaff cutters chop grass, sunflower, sugar cane, maize, palm leaf, and sorghum, as well as paddy parli, with good particle homogeneity and are easy to operate and maintain. Model 60 Max is available in a variety of tractors, motor, and engine configurations.  Read-More

Motors and motor - texmo submersible pump dealers in bangalore

Texmo Submersible pumps in bangalore, Karnataka. A submersible pump, also called an electric submersible pump, is a pump that can be fully submerged in water. The motor is hermetically sealed and close-coupled to the body of the pump. A submersible pump pushes water to the surface by converting rotary energy into kinetic energy into pressure energy. This is done by the water being pulled into the  Read-More

Motors and motor - texmo submersible pump dealers in bangalore

Texmo Submersible pumps dealers in bangalore, Karnataka. Since 2005, M/S MOTORS & MOTOR has dealing with the most innovative and highest quality pumps and electric motors for a range of applications in agricultural, domestic and industrial sectors. Our customers have found our products to be the most reliable and robust in the market. Add to this we are the only manufacturers to offer a 2-year wor  Read-More

Motors and motor - texmo submersible pump dealers in bangalore

chaff cutter in bangalore . VIDHATA CHAFF CUTTER MODEL 30 EVO .100 % safety cover's, no chance of accidents. SPECIFICATIONS Productivity - 1500 to 5000 kg/h Number of blades 3 Cut sizes 4 and 8 mm , also 11mm on request Required electric motor power 3 TO 5 hp single phase or 3 phase Versions Electric motor OPTIONAL Diesel engine 3 TO 5 H.P OPTIONAL . Used for chop grass, sunflower, sugar cane, mai  Read-More

Motors & Motor


3 in one machine & Multipurpose Machine

  1. Chaff Chopper Machine ( SIZE 2 TO 50 M)
  2. Dalia making machine
  3. Pulveriser Machine.
  4. Flour for Roti AATA MAKING
  5. Crushing waste material etc
  6. Operated by 3 hp single phase motor



Maize grain Productivity*

  • Sieve size 0,8 mm 50 to 65 kg/h
  • Sieve size 3 mm 250 to 350 kg/h
  • Sieve size 5 mm 400 to 750 kg/h


  • Sieve size 5 mm 150 to 250 kg/h
  • Sieve size 10 mm 250 to 350 kg/h

Green fodder ( CHAFF CUTTER)

Flat bottom 350 to 850 kg/h

Required electric motor power 2 OR 3 HP

Number of blades 2

Number of moving hammers 6


- flat base for electric motor

- flat base for diesel motor

- tilted base for electric motor


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